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Presented by 2008 World Series of Poker Finaltable live Broadcast Home Blog Play Poker Community Live BroadcastEvent Video

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his first poker memory is getting a couple of bad beats on the final table of a $30,000 guaranteed tournament; not a bad introduction to poker by anyoneӳ standards! Things have only got better for from there, having now qualified for the 2008 WSOP Main Event after only playing poker for about one year.

10 handed NL Hold em cash games are bwin.comӳ favoured game, and he describes his style as mainly tight-aggressive. He plays mostly online, preferring it because the action is faster and he can play multiple tables at once.

Living in Aschaffenburg, Germany, is mathematician by trade and mainly works in Software-development. His main interests outside of poker are computer games and programming, and one of his private software projects is

describes qualifying for the WSOP as "a little dream came true.... I'll play the World Championship of Poker!". If he makes it to the final table he would like Amir Vahedi, Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, and a pretty girl to be sitting there with him, and in heads up he would most like to beat the "luckiest player in the world"; Phil Hellmuth.

DamnedToWin has been playing poker since 2005 and plays mostly online because the action is quicker and he enjoys playing multiple tables at once. He describes his playing style as ԡggressive; in order to win I'm prepared to dieԠand he chose his nickname Ԣecause I'm hoping to play so good sometime in the future that everybody is just sighing Ԉe's damned to winԠand throwing away there cards and chipsԮ

DamnedToWin calls Hamburg, Germany home and he works as a consultant. Outside poker he is also interested in stocks, business, politics, and sport.

When he gets to Vegas, DamnedToWin is looking forward to having some fun with all the other Team members and his strategy for the WSOP Main Event is pretty simple Ԉave fun and collect as much chips as possibleԮ DamnedToWin doesnӴ care who he plays in heads up as long as he beats them and joked that his dream final table would have no one else on it, because that would mean he had won!

---Grazy--- started out playing poker by playing 5-card draw with friends about 8 years ago and in the last three year he has got more serious playing Texas Hold'em in the last three years. He plays both online and live and loves the "atmosphere, the different types of personalities you meet at the tables, and of course, the money" when playing live. Being a regular at the Pokerroyale Card Casino in Wr. Neustadt, ---Grazy--- has plenty of live poker experience and he played in the Pokerroyale Masters Main Event in November 2007. ---Grazy--- ranks sitting at the same table with Andreas Krause and Marcel Luske as a real highlight during this tournament. When it comes to the WSOP---Grazy--- is excited to have qualified for the "biggest and most notable poker tournament of the world" as it is "the fulfilment of a dream for every poker player". He is also looking forward to visiting all the sights in Vegas and ranks his qualification for the WSOP Main Event as his biggest achievement in poker so far. Besides poker ---Grazy--- is interested in all kinds of sports, especially football and he plays in a football team in the fourth league in Austria. ---Grazy--- is also studying computer science at the University of Technology in hometown of Graz, Austria.

bezlebot22, who takes his nickname from the character on Futurama, took the long road to the WSOP Main Event by firstly finishing on the final table in the marathon100K WSOP Freeroll and winning a $500+$40 ticket. He then used the ticket to buy-in to a WSOP Final and proceeded to beat out another 39 players to win the WSOP package! This was a truly amazing effort by bezlebot22 and he ranks it the most satisfying win of his poker career. After first playing poker for 'quarters and dimes' with his buddies in high school, bezlebot22 started playing more seriously in the last few years, playing both online and at the local poker clubs in his native Copenhagen. bezlebot22 loves playing at live events in order to make the most of his good reading skills, but plays more regularly online with an average of 15 hours a week. He mainly plays NL Holdem', but also plays some Ohmaha high to mix things up when he is going through a bad patch. When asked about his playing style, bezlebot22 said he loves to trap players, "it's kind of an obsession for me!" bezlebot22 is thrilled to be going to Vegas and he is planning on taking a few of his best poker buddies with him so he and his "railbirds" can work on a detailed strategy for every day's play at the WSOP. Team asked bezlebot22 who he would like to be sitting with him at his dream final table at the WSOP Main Event and this is what he said; "1. Gus Hansen 2. Daniel Negreanu 3. Phil Ivey 4. Doyle Brunson. And as a 5. I would like Philip Hilm who I believe deserves a 2nd chance after last years early exit from FT at the WSOP main event." When it gets down to heads up bezlebot22 would like to beat 'Danish poker legend Gus Hansen'.

Kris_the_Whiz says his earliest poker memory is playing 5-card draw and 5-card stud with his Dad when he was only 4 or 5 years old and then going to the store and overdosing on candy with his winnings. After beating out 11,000 players to win the 100K WSOP Freeroll Kris_the_Whiz didn't get to spend his winnings on candy, but he is still "quite ecstatic" about booking a place at the 2008 WSOP Main Event as part of Team As far as playing style goes, Kris_the_Whiz describes himself as a somewhat "conservative and tight" player, but still has a "mad cow gear" when needed. The Fin mostly sticks to playing NL Texas Hold'em, but also mixes it up with some Omaha, 5 cards draw, 7 cards stud, and 5 cards stud. Whilst he plays some live tournaments at his local Casino, Kris_the_Whiz mainly plays online and enjoys the fact that he can "play many tables and watch TV at the same time?and not even have to get dressed". Outside of poker Kris_the_Whiz's works as a researcher at Helsinki University of Technology and enjoys following the English Premier League, playing some golf, swimming, and playing basketball. He also doesn't mind to going out for "the occasional beer"; something that will definitely come in handy when hanging out with Team in Vegas. If Kris_the_Whiz is good enough to make it to the final table at the WSOP Main Event he is hoping that some Team players will be sitting there along side him, and maybe even Daniel Negreanu to keep the atmosphere light and have some fun.

All things must come to an end, and for Johan Juanda there was a gruelling 22 hours final table marathon before he finally took down the WSOPE Main Event gold bracelet. But thereӳ been nothing gruelling about the bwin Team WSOPE 2008 experience - rather a fabulous long run of fun, thrill and excitement. The best poker experience possible, awesome food at fancy restaurants, parties at extravagant clubs, good shows, great hospitality, interesting tours around London, and foremost, remarkable people and new friends. WSOPE winner John Juanda next to Speedzebre The Empire Casino in London was a splendid venue for the tournament, and it offered great opportunities for the team members and their friends and family to rail the poker action. The nearby bar also added a dimension, making all of tournament days a true poker feast. It was with great excitement we all followed demach AA to his ?25k cash and well deserved 32nd place. WeӬl neither forget Speedzebres heroic effort, as he almost made it all the way but fell short on the bubble, so close, so close. Celebrating dematch AAӳ great cash Speedzebre knocking out Scotty Nguyen. Something to tell the grand children about, baby!

Billybillard from Canada decided to extend his first ever visit in Europe by stopping by Team veteran Wieringen in Germany, whom he befriended during previous Team events. Ah, the sunshine. HowӤ guess that London could be this sunny in October? SurfӮ'turf, anyone? Up in the London Eyeō which obviously holds a fab view over London The grand tour around London You can find more behind the scenes photos in WSOPE flickr-stream by clicking here. See you at the events to come! Final Table of the WSOPE 2008 October 2, 2008 2:39 pm by Tobias Nyblom

Even if the WSOPE is at an end for our fabulous team this time, the excitement and adventures havenӴ quite ended yet. First off, the Final Table is set and the action is about to commence at any moment now. WeӶe seen John Juanda playing first class poker through out the tournament, seated next to our Team member dematch AA on day 2 and rubbing shoulders with Speedzebre during day 3. Second in chips is Stanislav Alekhin from Russia, who seems to be a the position to really jolt the table. Negreanu was chip leader early on and slipped back quite a bit during day 2, but has now worked himself back up to equal stacks with Ivan Demidov, both of whom will have a good shot at the money. Ivad Demidov, for those who think the name rings a bell, is currently most known for being part of the Ԏovember NineԬ ie a finalist for the WSOP 2008.

Seat 1: Robin Keston 849,000 Seat 2: Daniel Negreanu 1,002,000 Seat 3: Chris Elliott 281,000 Seat 4: Bengt Sonnert 385,000 Seat 5: John Juanda 1,349,000 Seat 6: Ivan Demidov 1,006,000 Seat 7: Toni Hiltunen 386,000 Seat 8: Scott Fischman 732,000 Seat 9: Stanislav Alekhin 1,278,000

Secondly, the awesome Team spirit doesnӴ just go away because dematch AA cashed in his grand pay cheque. There have been two days of celebrations for our French hero, including a selection of what London has to offer such as dinners, drinks, a musical, late night poker and even a bit of football. The Team is taking a day of rest today, eager to catch the Final Table action, before we set off on a day of surprise activities planned for tomorrow. Obst1444 and soerenjena trying out an English Pub gbpoker, Billybillard and Kristian JK2718 showed us all whoӳ the true poker pro in the bunch, beating the Team as well as bloggers (now thatӳ a feat!) in a late night poker tournament. OBST1444 came in second after a tough heads up with JK, and incaudaӳ wife in third. Perhaps itӳ her turn to win a package for the next Team Live Event, and place her husband on the rail? dematch AA cheering for Mrs incauda The Team about to enjoy the musical Billy Elliot at the remarkable Victoria Palace Theatre

Whatӳ a visit to England without some proper football? The Team got to see Arsenal defeating Porto 4-0 in the Champions League. An amazing atmosphere at the Stadium! Photo: Marc Aspland/The Times

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